Details of Our Partner Charities

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KHEN Khmer NGO For Education

KHEN is a local NGO and certified Child Safe Organisation based in Battambang Province, Cambodia. KHEN works to promote child rights, access to education and protection for vulnerable children, like girls and children with disabilities, so that they can develop to their full potential.

Developing Soul


Developing Soul  Our names are Sara and Laura, Sara is from the UK and Laura from Colombia. We spent the summer of 2017 in Zambia, Africa and taught the most wonderful children over a 4 month period. We were able to see the amount of need in the area, and would often walk our children home which could take up to 2 hours and we would walk past so many children without any access to a school and a good education.


AbilityNet is the only UK charity providing free specialist information & advice about IT & technology to all disabled people, as well as their carers, families & employers. Every year AbilityNet transforms the lives of thousands of disabled people, by helping them achieve their full potential. It provides a range of free services, including a helpline, website with online tools & support for disabled people in their homes, as well as providing advice & support to other non-profit organisations

British Antarctic Monument Trust

The British Antarctic Monument Trust has been set up to inspire a broader interest in the Antarctic & a deeper understanding of the fragility of our environment & the interdependence of our world. It celebrates the achievements of the men & women whose scientific exploration in the British Antarctic Territory has led to a new understanding of our planet, & honours those who did not return


Heropreneurs provides ex-servicemen & women with funding & additional support to help get a sustainable business idea off the ground, including offering pro-bono legal & financial advice, mentoring & introducing them to potential investors. It believes that we have a duty of care to those who put their lives at risk for the greater safety of our country, both when they are serving & when they leave the Armed Forces

The London Orchard Project

The London Orchard Project partners with local authorities, residents’ associations, park user groups, schools & other community groups to help design, plant & maintain orchards in & around London’s parks, housing estates, schools & universities. In an era of climate change, planting fruit trees ‘greens’ the urban environment, creates habitats for wildlife & helps communities rediscover the pleasures of eating organic fruit grown close to home

Street Child World Cup

The Street Child World Cup is a global campaign for street children to receive the protection & opportunities all children are entitled to. Founded by Momentum Arts, the Amos Trust & Action for Brazil's Children Trust. Through football, art and campaigning the aim is to challenge negative perceptions & treatment of street children