Does Your Organisation Need a Data Security Plan?

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Loss of Critical Data May Result in Failure of an Organisation:

In an increasingly ‘digital universe’, data is the life-blood of any organisation and loss of critical data may, at best, interrupt operations, leading to reduced revenue and potentially a damaged reputation. At worst, loss of critical data may result in failure of an organisation, as it has been reported that approximately 40% of organisations that suffer a critical data loss fail within a year!

The Data Protection Act (1998):

Quite apart from the financial consequences of the loss of critical data, the Data Protection Act (1998) applies equally to small and medium-sized enterprises as it does to large organisations - all have a legal obligation to protect the privacy and integrity of any stored data relating to individuals (customers, suppliers, employees or others). The Data Protection Act sets out 8 ‘data protection principles’, including: “Appropriate technical & organisational measures shall be taken against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, personal data”.

Data Security Plan:

If your organisation stores personal data relating to customers, suppliers, employees or other individuals, you may need to review your policies, systems and processes relating to data security to ensure that you are compliant. Data security can be compromised in many ways, not just as a result of malicious attack by a hacker, e.g. data can be recovered from computer equipment that is not disposed of securely. To ensure that your organisation does not fall victim to a critical data security breach, it is essential to write & implement a data security plan.

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