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A Data Security Breach May Result From Computer Misuse by an Employee:

Computer misuse by employees may involve illegal activity (e.g. distributing copyright materials without appropriate licences or stealing data / software belonging to the employer). However, it usually involves activities such as accessing material likely to be offensive to others (e.g. pornographic, racist, sexist), accessing inappropriate websites (e.g. gambling), bullying, threatening, harassing or defaming others (e.g. via bulletin boards, social networking sites and anonymous e-mail accounts), deliberately sharing network privileges, installing inappropriate software (e.g. games, movies, network scanning and media modifying or “ripping” software) and plain old time wasting (e.g. spending an excessive amount of time surfing the net or on social networking sites during working hours). Whilst these types of activities are not necessarily illegal, they are surprisingly common and can potentially expose an organisation to civil actions. Consequently, many organisations have an ‘Acceptable Use’ policy, as well as an ‘Incidence Response Plan’. However, few organisations include computer forensics in their policies or plans as a means to preserve and analyse evidence in cases of proven or suspected misuse.

Veritas Forensic-Light® is Specifically Designed to Support Internal Investigations:

Forensic techniques used to investigate digital media are highly specialised and require knowledge, skills and software not generally available from ‘in-house’ IT Departments. For that reason, they often come with a hefty price tag, which is perhaps why so many organisations discount their use. We have therefore developed Veritas Forensic-Light®, which offers a more affordable computer forensics solution. It is specifically designed to support internal investigations of computer misuse by employees, which, in the vast majority of cases, result in disciplinary action, rather than court proceedings.

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