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We will collect loose or palletised computers and HDDs free of charge from any mainland UK location:

We Minimise Potential for Damage During Transit:

In order to maintain hard disk drives (HDDs) in the best possible condition, so that we can achieve the highest possible resale price, we will pack loose HDDs individually in specially-designed, rigid multipacks. We transport computers and HDDs directly to our secure facilities, in GPS-tracked vehicles, licensed to carry WEEE and Hazardous Waste, driven by ex-police officiers. Our primary aim is to identify HDDs with a positive resale value, but we will also collect non-working HDDs and peripherals with little or no residual value (e.g. keyboards / mice / cables etc.) and recycle them free of charge.

We Scan Serial Numbers to Enable Us to Track the Progress of Every Individual HDD:

On arrival at our secure facilities, any items containing HDDs (e.g. intact computers, laptops, printers etc.) are carefully dismantled and the HDDs themselves are separated from other components (e.g. screens, monitors etc.). We sort HDDs by make, model and capacity – we scan serial numbers to enable us to track the progress of every individual HDD right through testing, repair and secure data destruction to resale OR to recycling, as the case may be. HDDs with little or no resale value (e.g. those that fail testing or are beyond economic repair) are treated as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), along with various peripherals of little or no resale value (e.g. keyboards, mice, cables etc.). We partner with an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility to physically destroy and dispose of WEEE in accordance with relevant Environment Agency legislation, with 98% recovery and 0% to landfill (for further details please see ‘Hard Drive Destruction and Recycling’) - every other step in the process is carried out in-house.

If you hold significant quantities of HDDs outside the UK, depending on the volume and capacity, we may still be able to provide secure transportation free of charge – please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.