Maximum Income from Redundant Hard Disk Drives

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Our extensive knowledge and experience of the trading market can help any organisation to resell redundant hard disk drives

Our Full-Time Team of Traders Has Over 25 Years’ Experience Buying and Selling Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) All Over the World:

Many companies offer a ‘resale’ or ‘remarketing’ service, but few of those companies genuinely have the specialist knowledge and contacts to enable them to resell large quantities of HDDs, of any capacity, at the highest possible prices, and without damaging the long-term viability of the market. All too often, these so-called ‘asset disposal’ services amount to little more than off-loading HDDs direct to the public at rock bottom prices via the internet. We resell mainly through our Global Trade Network to Third Party Maintenance contracts, Original Equipment Manufacturers or carefully selected Resellers throughout UK, EU and US. It is our business to know who is looking for any given make, model and capacity of drive at any given time, and we are therefore confident that we can sustain the highest possible revenue from redundant HDDs.

Our Engineers Have the Knowledge, Skills and Facilities Necessary to Carry Out High-Quality Testing and Repairs to Ensure the Highest Possible Yields:

Are poor yields preventing you from achieving the greatest possible financial return from the resale of your redundant HDDs?  With access to the necessary trade contacts to be able to source replacement components if necessary, we routinely achieve high yields in the order of 80-90% on a wide range of hard disk drives (as well as stand-alone tape drives, autoloaders, libraries, optical drives and jukeboxes), provided they have been appropriately handled, are complete, intact units and no previous attempt at repair has been made. All HDDs repaired by us carry a 6-month warranty as standard. We pack individual HDDs for resale in anti-static bags and transport them in specially-designed, rigid ‘multi-packs’ to reduce the risk of impact damage.