Rapid Tape-Drive Exchange

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We Can Repair a Wide Range of Stand-Alone Tape Drives, Autoloaders and Libraries:

Magnetic tape offers an effective, low-cost solution for storing large amounts of data, so it is often used to back-up RAID systems. Data is stored on magnetic tape (and retrieved from magnetic tape) using a tape drive. Tapes may occasionally snap, stored data may become corrupted (e.g. as a result of exposure to water, heat or dirt) or a tape may simply be erased accidentally. Data may also be inaccessible owing to an issue involving the tape drive - tape drives are relatively reliable, so they may be in use for many years and using an old tape drive can result in poor quality back-ups and an inability to access stored data when required. Back-up logs can give an early warning of a faulty tape drive, but unfortunately malfunctioning tape drives are usually not detected until a restore fails and back-up data becomes inaccessible. Whatever the precise cause, if it is necessary to access back-up data, it usually means the RAID system has failed, in which case a faulty tape drive can result in significant down-time, leading to loss of operational continuity that can really damage an organisation - our aim is to get your failed system up and running within 24 hrs.

Rapid Tape-Drive Exchange Programme:

  • Contact Us with the specification of your faulty tape drive and we will send you the same (or equivalent) compatible working unit within 24hrs
  • We hold significant stocks of new and refurbished tape drives and our extensive broker network enables us to locate even hard-to-find or obsolete units quickly, at very competitive prices
  • After installing our working tape drive, return your faulty unit to us and we will repair it, within 5 working days, then you can CHOOSE
  • We will return your repaired unit to our stock and you can purchase our unit OR
  • We will return your repaired unit to you and you can return our unit to us (P&P free of charge)

We are confident that our engineers have the knowledge, skills and facilities to carry out top quality repairs, so we offer a standard 6-month warranty for genuine in-field failures (rather than faulty parts), as well as fixed-price repairs.

If you have an issue accessing data stored on tape, please Contact Us