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We Have Successfully Recovered Data From All Forms of CD / DVD:


 CD / DVD Use Laser Light to Store and Read Digital Data:

  • Compact Discs: were originally developed only to store and play back sound recordings (CD) - later they were adapted to store other kinds of data either pre-recorded, read-only (CD-ROM), or write-once (CD-R) or re-writable multiple times (CD-RW), as well as Video Compact Discs (VCD) and Super Video Compact Discs (SVCD)
  • Digital Video (or Versatile) Discs: Have a higher storage capacity than CDs and may also be pre-recorded, read-only (DVD-ROM), blank discs that can be recorded once (DVD-R or DVD+R), or blank re-writable discs that can be recorded, erased and re-recorded multiple times (DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM)

Despite Increasing Competition From USB ‘Flash’ Drives, Optical Discs Are Still Reliable and Popular to Store Digital Data:

  • Because of their relatively small size, high capacity and lack of susceptibility to certain types of damage that may cause hard disk drives to lose data (i.e. jolting or jarring), CDs / DVDs are often used to back-up data or to store photographs and it is rare for the stored data to become corrupted, although that does not mean that optical discs are immune to data loss. If a CD / DVD is broken into pieces, or has a crack running all the way through it, there is very little chance that anybody will be able to recover the data, but by far the most common reason for data stored on CDs/ DVDs to be inaccessible is physical damage to the disc surface (typically caused by spilt liquid, dirt / dust & particularly scratches). The damaged disc surface causes the laser that reads the data to skip or jump, resulting in disjointed sound tracks or frozen images and sometimes the CD / DVD will not play at all. In this case, our Data Recovery Engineers are able to ‘polish’ the surface of the disc using specially designed equipment, recover the data using advanced, specialist software and burn the recovered data to a new disc.

If you are unable to access data stored on a CD / DVD please Contact Us OR learn about our Data Recovery Process