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We Hold a Large Inventory Ranging From State-of-the-Art Drives to Those That Are End-of-Life or Obsolete:

  • Our Hard Drive Traders have established relationships with an extensive network of other Traders all over the world
  • Which means we have rapid access to all makes, models and capacities of replacement or refurbished hard disk drives, at highly competitive prices
  • This gives us the greatest possible chance of matching your existing infrastructure, thereby avoiding costly upgrades unless absolutely necessary

RAID Recovery is One of the Most Technically Challenging Types of Data Recovery:

RAID stands for Redundant Array Of Independent (Inexpensive) Disks - it is an umbrella term for any storage system that distributes digital data across multiple hard disk drives, combined into a single functional unit. This technology has been available for many years and is increasingly used by servers, DAS and NAS systems (Direct-Attached Storage and Network-Attached Storage), owing to the need to increase storage speed and capacity to cope with ever-increasing amounts of data. Whilst the redundancy means that most RAID systems are fault-tolerant, this does not mean they are fault-less and recovering data from a failed hard disk drive is often more complicated when that failed drive is part of a RAID. With over 25 years' combined experience, our Data Recovery Engineers have successfully recovered data from a wide range of RAID systems, running all the major operating systems, including Windows, MAC OS, Linux and UNIX.

Magnetic Tape:

Offers an effective, low-cost solution for storing large amounts of data, so it is often used to back-up RAID systems. If a RAID system fails and it is necessary to access back-up data, a faulty back-up tape drive (or back-up tape itself) can result in significant down-time, leading to loss of operational continuity that can really damage an organisation - our aim is to get your failed system up and running within 24 hrs (for further details please read about our 'Rapid Tape-Drive Exchange Programme').

If you have lost data stored on a RAID system, please Contact Us OR learn more about our Data Recovery Process