Remote Data Recovery

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If Your Hardware is Still Functioning Correctly, We May be Able to Offer Remote Data Recovery Via a Stable Broadband Connection:

  • If you have lost data due to a software-related issue, remote data recovery is potentially the quickest and most cost-effective option
  • There is no need to ship your device to us, and an engineer can start working on your drive as soon as a connection is established
  • The first thing the engineer will do is ‘write-protect’ your original data to ensure that a copy is always preserved

NB: Remote data recovery is only possible IF you have lost data stored on a hard disk drive due to a ‘logical’ error (i.e. a software-related issue) and the hard drive itself is still functioning correctly - it is NOT possible if your data has been lost as a result of one of the numerous ‘physical’ causes of hard drive failure – in this case we can still help you recover your data via our ‘On-Site’ or ‘In-Lab’ service.