UK Government ‘Enhanced’ Security Standards

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There is a Bewildering Array of Software Protocols Specially Developed to Overwrite Sensitive Data and Render it Non-Recoverable

Our Standard Data-Wiping Protocol Complies With UK Government National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Recommendations for ‘Enhanced' Security:

  • HMG 'enhanced' security requires a first pass of  “0” (zeros), a second pass of “1” (ones) and a third pass of random characters (mandatory one-pass verification)
  • Our standard protocol is three-passes (as above) BUT we verify every pass, even though that is not strictly required
  • Depending on the nature of the data to be destroyed, we also offer 'baseline' security (one-pass of “0” with optional verification)
  • Alternatively, if required, our technicians can perform seven-pass, thirty-five-pass (Gutmann Algorithm) or even Random-Pass (any number of user-specified random character overwrites with or without verification)

We Also Have the Technical Know-How to Locate and Unlock ‘Protected Areas’ of a Drive if Requested:

  • This allows us to securely and permanently destroy any hidden data
  • This may be an important option because no matter how many times a hard drive is overwritten, data hidden in ‘protected’ areas will persist