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Multiple Versions Means Multiple Chances of Data Recovery!

Repeatedly Accessing, Updating and Saving the Same File Name Overwrites Data to the Same Location:

  • If your hard drive fails, you run the risk of losing every version of that file
  • To increase your chances of recovering at least some data in the event of a hard drive failure, make sure you change the file name every time you save the file
  • Use the ‘Save As’ command and make a small change to the file name (e.g. add a version number, _V1, _V2 etc., or add today’s date)
  • This way, every time you save the file, it will be saved as a different file, in a different file location
  • Once you have at least several versions saved, you can safely delete the older versions
  • If the worst should happen and your hard drive fails, you now have multiple chances of recovering the most recent versions of your data