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This Policy Was Last Updated February 2015 – Annual Review Due February 2016

Veritas is Committed to Maintaining the Highest Possible Standards in All of Our Business Dealings:

  • We aim to conduct ourselves with integrity, being professional and courteous, and behaving ethically and responsibly at all times
  • We want to build trusting relationships with customers, suppliers and employees, working together openly and honestly towards a win-win
  • We try to make a positive contribution to the wider community in which we all live and work
  • We contribute a proportion of our revenue to support a variety of national and international charities (see ‘Partner Charities’)
  • We continually strive to ensure that our processes & systems meet relevant professional or regulatory standards (we are ISO-accredited)
  • We adhere to a strict security policy because we are party to confidential information (‘Maintaining the Security of Your Data’)
  • We reserve the right to alert relevant authorities if we are in receipt of any confidential information that we have reason to believe is illegal

We Believe Absolutely in the Need to Ensure We Further Improve Our Performance:

  • We regularly review our business procedures (what we do) and our working practices (how we do it), including proactively seeking feedback from stakeholder groups
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