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We Have Successfully Recovered Data From All Different Types of Devices, Running All Major Operating Systems, Utilising All Forms of Digital Storage Media:

NB: This is Not an Exhaustive List - if You Don’t See Your Particular Device Listed Here, Please Contact Us

With over 25 years' combined experience, our Data Recovery Engineers are experts in a wide range of data recovery software, as well as being skilled in techniques such as head swap and firmware repair. Our Head Engineer is one of the most experienced and truly expert data recovery professionals in the industry. You can trust him to ensure everything possible will be done to recover your data intact. With experience gained working for several of the largest data recovery companies, he has been successfully recovering data for longer than many other data recovery companies’ entire teams! This may explain why 30% of our data recovery cases are referred to us by other companies.

We Guarantee Secure Handling of Your Device and Data - See ‘How Do We Keep Your Data Secure?

Because the precise cause of unexpected data loss varies so much from case to case, so does the most appropriate data recovery technique, so it takes years of hands-on experience to become a true expert. Perhaps you have dropped your laptop or spilt a drink on your keyboard? You might have accidentally reformatted your hard disk drive or deleted all your precious photographs and other files from your USB flash drive or memory card? Maybe your back-up tape drive is faulty? Your device might be damaged by malware or a power surge - the list goes on and on! With life becoming increasingly paperless, we all rely more and more on digital storage media, not just in our working lives, but also to store our precious personal data. Whatever the cause, we understand that unexpected data loss can be extremely stressful and you just want your lost data back, accurately recovered, at a reasonable price and fast.

To Help You Limit Data Loss…

Cut the power to your device and leave it switched off – this will help to limit the potential for further data loss. Do not install any software without expert advice, do not try freezing, heating, tapping, slapping, banging, dropping or otherwise physically abusing your device. Never allow an amateur to attempt opening a hard drive, replacing a circuit board etc. Why not ask a professional for their assessment? After all, an initial assessment is free of charge, so is it really worth taking an unnecessary risk and potentially losing your valuable data permanently? For further information, see ‘Top Tips’.