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This Policy Was Last Updated February 2015 – Annual Review Due February 2016

ISO14001-Accredited; Operating ‘Environmental Management’ Best Practice:

  • Our core business directly reduces demand for raw materials, extending the life of computer hard drives by repairing them for reuse or resale, rather than recycling and replacing them
  • We also aim to indirectly reduce demand for raw materials and improve sustainability by, for example, choosing to work with suppliers who are also ISO14001-accredited and selecting products made from environmentally sustainable sources whenever possible
  • We are fully committed to taking all other reasonable steps to manage our business activities so as to minimise any direct or indirect negative impact we make on the environment

Mission and Commitments:

  • Our Mission is to be recognised as an environmentally responsible supplier of new, tested, cleaned and repaired hard disks; we believe this includes protecting the environment at a local and global level. We therefore strive to ensure that our operations today do not have a negative impact on the lives of future generations.
  • Our Commitments are the prevention of pollution, continual improvement in our environmental performance, compliance with all current legal requirements and, where possible, to act in anticipation of future environmental legislation, and compliance with other requirements to which the company may suscribe.
  • We base our environmental programme around the hierarchy of 'Replace, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle', and are committed to a regular review, evaluation and improvement of our Environmental Management System. This includes setting targets, and monitoring and reporting on progress towards meeting them.

Our Business Impacts on the Environment Through:

  • The use of non-renewable resources and hazardous substances in manufacture
  • The use of fuel in our maintenance and breakdown service

We Aim to Address These Impacts by the Following Objectives:

  • Repair - focusing on activities to maximise the re-use or recycling of hard disks
  • Servicing - focusing on minimising the impact associated with collection and delivery of hard disks
  • Purchasing - focusing on working in partnership with environmentally responsible suppliers to minimise resources used and any pollution associated with their products and our operations
  • New and refurbished hard disks - focusing on minimising the environmental impact on local communities of servicing hard disks, and reducing the environmental impact of old materials by recycling or reusing
  • Our employees - focusing on training and communicating with our employees to increase their environmental awareness and relevant skills of all who work for us
  • Communication - focusing on communicating our environmental policy and procedures to increase the environmental awareness of our suppliers and our customers
  • Administration - focusing on our office-based activities to improve office energy efficiency and office recycling schemes, and to reduce the impacts associated with company sales and engineer travel


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