How Do We Keep Your Data Secure?

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We Destroy Data According to UK Government Recommendations for ‘Enhanced' Security

UK Government National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Recommends Three-Pass Overwrite for ‘Enhanced’ Security

  • According to the nature of the data to be destroyed, our experienced, trained technicians can also perform a single-pass ('baseline' security), seven-pass, thirty-five-pass (Gutmann Algorithm) or Random-Pass if required
  • We even have the technical know-how to be able to locate and unlock ‘protected areas’ of a drive if requested, allowing us to securely and permanently destroy any data that may be hidden there
  • This may be an important option because no matter how many times a hard drive is overwritten, data hidden in ‘protected’ areas will persist
  • Prior to resale of any hard drive, we remove identifying markings and perform a custom over-write, which means the drive can only be traced back to us, not to you
  • We issue a ‘Data Destruction Certificate’ for each individual device

If Data Cannot be Destroyed We Securely and Permanently Destroy the Drive Itself:

  • If data cannot be destroyed, identifying markings cannot be removed, or if requested, we can destroy the computer hard drive itself securely and permanently by performing a ‘hard-wipe’
  • We use hardware that meets NCSC ‘higher-level’ security standards (see ‘Hard Drive Destruction and Recycling’)

We Do Not Share Your Data With Any Third Party Unless We Have Written Permission:

  • During working hours our premises are supervised at all times, secured by electronic key cards, monitored by CCTV and protected by fire alarms
  • In addition, anti-ram barriers and a monitored intruder alarm prevent unauthorised access outside working hours
  • We keep a record of employees and visitors on-site at any given time
  • Your Data may only be accessed by, or disclosed to, employees who need access in order to perform the activities associated with their employment
  • We issue every customer with a unique ‘Case Reference’ – this must be quoted before we will discuss Your Data with anyone outside of our company, or release it to them (unless we are under a legal or similar obligation to do so)
  • Digital files that we need to store in order to deliver contracted services (e.g. data recovery), are stored on our secure server, protected by a firewall, anti-malware security software & daily back-up
  • If we need to store your data in order to deliver a service (e.g. data recovery), we use our secure server, and we encrypt the data before returning it to you
  • We securely store your data until the purpose for which it was originally generated or acquired by us no longer applies at which point, unless further retention is required (e.g. legal or regulatory requirement), we will securely destroy any copies