Can Your Data Security Resist Attack?

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Penetration Test:

Like a Vulnerability Assessment, the ‘Penetration Test’ (Pen-Test) involves searching for weaknesses, technical flaws and other potential vulnerabilities. However, unlike a Vulnerability Assessment, a Penetration Test doesn’t stop there. Once a weakness, technical flaw, or other potential vulnerability has been discovered, it will be exploited, just as it would be by a malicious hacker - our aim is to explore the full extent of the damage that could potentially be caused.

Veritas Lights-On TM

If you provide us with relevant details of your system (e.g. network maps), we can test the security of a specific high-value asset or assets (e.g. critical data relating to mergers and acquisitions, in/out licensing, new product launches, HR database etc).

  • The advantage of this approach is that it can be very focused and therefore highly cost-effective
  • The disadvantage is that by pointing us in the right direction this is not a realistic simulation, as in a real malicious attack the hacker would be going in ‘blind’

Veritas Lights-Off TM

Alternatively, we are happy to operate completely in the dark, with no information to go on other than the name of your organisation.

  • The advantage of this approach is that it allows us to create the most realistic simulation of a genuine, anonymous malicious attack
  • The disadvantage is that it tends to take longer than a ‘lights-on’ approach
  • Also, because we are not aware of any details of your system, we cannot guarantee that absolutely every aspect will be tested

Whichever approach is taken, on completion of the testing you will receive a comprehensive report detailing any weaknesses, technical flaws and other potential vulnerabilities we find. We will explain the attack methods used to breach your data security, estimate the level of risk presented to your organisation and make recommendations for improvements to ensure increased data security.

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