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We are serious about data security

Our Standard Data-Wiping Protocol Complies With UK Government National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Recommendations for ‘Enhanced' Security:

One of the greatest concerns when disposing of redundant IT equipment is how to ensure personal and / or commercially sensitive data is destroyed, securely and permanently. ‘Improper disposal’ can undermine data security and organisations can be (and have been) prosecuted for failing to comply with the terms of the Data Protection Act, including very large fines, and even prison sentences, for deliberate or negligent customer data leaks. That is why we choose to offer ‘enhanced’ (three-pass) security as standard, although our experienced, trained technicians can perform anything from a single pass (’baseline security’), to a seven-pass, thirty-five-pass (Gutmann Algorithm) or even Random-Pass if necessary, according to the nature of the data to be destroyed (for further details please see ‘Secure Data Destruction’).

You Can Have Absolute Confidence in the Quality and Integrity of the Services We Offer:

We have worked hard over many years to develop our Global Trade Network, so we have a vested interest in ensuring that we never sell a ‘dirty’ hard disk drive (HDD). We are not only determined to do whatever we can to protect the reputation of our customers, we are also concerned with protecting our own reputation! We will not release any HDDs to our Traders for resale until we have  destroyed the data, securely and permanently. We even have the technical know-how to be able to locate and unlock ‘protected areas’, allowing us to destroy any data that may be hidden there. This may be an important option because no matter how many times a HDD is overwritten, data hidden in ‘protected’ areas will persist, unless those areas are specifically located, unlocked and the data erased.

Once We Have Destroyed the Data, We Overwrite Every Block on the HDD With Custom Text:

We also remove any identifying markings (permanent security markings, customer branding, asset tags etc), which means that any drive re-sold by us can only be traced back to us, and not to the original owner. If data stored on any given HDD cannot be destroyed, securely and permanently, or permanent security markings cannot be removed, or the HDD fails testing, or is beyond economical repair, we can destroy the HDD itself using hardware that meets UK Government National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) ‘higher-level’ security standards. The physical remains of HDDs that we have destroyed are fully recycled in accordance with relevant Environment Agency legislation, by an Approved Authorised Treatment Facility, with 98% recovery and 0% to landfill (for further details please see ‘Hard Drive Destruction and Recycling’).