Data Recovery Process

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Step 1: Turn Your Device OFF and Contact Us

  • If you experience data loss, cut the power to your device and leave it switched off – this will help to limit the potential for further data loss. Data recovery is highly technical and it takes years of experience to accumulate the necessary knowledge & skills. Attempts to recover data without the services of a professional data recovery company often lead to additional hardware damage, causing irretrievable data loss.

Step 2: We Conduct An Initial Assessment (Telephone Consultation) – Free

  • One of our Data Recovery Engineers will call you to get a better understanding of your situation (type of device, operating system, storage media and any signs or symptoms). Having determined the likely cause/s of your data loss, they will be able to assess what needs to be done in order to recover your data. It is essential to get this initial assessment right, because often there is only one chance to extract data from a failed storage device. Depending on the complexity of your case and any replacement components you are likely to need, we will then give you a broad indication of the likely cost of recovery and agree the most appropriate next step (see Step 3, below).

Step 3: We Gain Remote, ‘On-Site’ or ‘Off-Site’ Access to Your Device

  • Sometimes we may be able to access your device remotely in order to carry out a detailed assessment (occasionally we may even be able to recover data remotely). Usually we will need direct access to your device, either 'on-site' or 'off-site' (in which case we offer free UK-wide collection to our premises).

Step 4: We Provide a Detailed Assessment Report and Fixed Price Guarantee

  • We will create a ‘safe copy’ to allow us to examine your data without causing any further damage and we will then provide you with a report detailing what data is recoverable, what repairs or replacement components will be necessary and how long the recovery will take. We will also guarantee a fixed price, with no obligation, allowing you to make an informed decision before authorising the recovery.

Step 5: We Recover Your Data, Encrypt it and Return it to You

  • At our secure premises, data recovery takes place in an anti-static environment. First we make any temporary repairs necessary to extract your data and we email a list of recoverable files to you.  Next we re-assemble the extracted data into the original arrangement of files and folders that is familiar to you, so that you will be able to access your recovered data. Finally we repair any corrupt files and encrypt the recovered data before we return it to you on a complimentary CD or USB drive (mainland UK-wide delivery is free of charge). For larger volumes, we will return encrypted data on a replacement hard disk drive, which you may keep and purchase, or return to us within 10 workings days (P&P free of charge). If required, we will securely destroy your original storage media and recycle the components free of charge (‘Hard Drive Destruction & Recycling’).

Step 6: We Securely Destroy All Copies of Your Data

  • From receipt, you will have 10 working days to satisfy yourself that all data detailed in our assessment report has been returned to you – after that time, we will securely and permanently delete the ‘safe copy’ (‘Secure Data Destruction’).